Our Projects

  1. AIDS
  2. Neuropathy
  3. Mosquito Borne Disease

1. AIDS/HIV Therapy

We intend to develop a therapy to replace a component of the current HAART regimen.

2. Neuropathy

Various neuropathies affect millions worldwide.

We hope to clinically test a compound that could reduce the severity of symptoms and need for drastic medical intervention for neuropathic complications. Since the compound in question is found in certain foods, we hope that clinical trials with a more concentrated extract should be achievable relatively quickly.

3. Mosquito Borne Diseases

Diseases carried by Mosquitos have killed millions, and continue to do so.

Previous insecticides had unacceptable environmental and health effects. We plan to develop an insecticide that does not have the xenoestrogenic or endocrine disruptive properties of DDT, while maintaining effectiveness as an insecticide.

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