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1. About

Novacule is a start-up founded by Rudolf Fluckiger PhD. with the intent of developing a drug to supplement a component in the current HAART anti-AIDS drug regime. We believe that we can both reduce the costs, and side effects of the current therapy, with the hope of eradicating AIDS globally.

2. Services

We aim to use the services of fee-for-service laboratories to expedite this drug discovery.


Novacule was founded with the purpose of solving global health problems

that are currently causing undue suffering and death, by the development of

We believe that by bringing these therapies to market we can not only make a healthy profit but

increase global wellbeing as a result


Novacule intends to achieve its stated goals by utilizing an agile business model through utilizing fee-for-service laboratory space to test a small number of target compounds in cell culture, so that the time to clinical trials can be minimized.

For Support please contact:

email ThomasPFluckiger@gmail.com

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